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We have won the Food of Spain Award for Organic Production!

We have won the Food of Spain Award for Organic Production!

Each year the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment recognizes the work of companies and professionals who stand out for offering quality food, as well as their contribution to the development of the Spanish food sector in a sustainable and efficient way.


We are very proud of being awarded once again with such a prestigious award as it is Food Prize of Spain, it is the fourth time that Castillo de Canena receives this award from the Ministry!Premio_Alimentos_de_España

In addition, in the award we have received on this occasion, it is a recognition of the non-exclusive organic production of oils, but at a global level of all agri-food products in Spain. Among some of the measures that we are carrying out that have made this recognition possible, are:

  • The reforestation with native species that we carried out since 2012. To date, we have reforested part of our olive grove with cypresses, oaks, walnuts …
  • Constant reduction of the Carbon Footprint and the Water Footprint, objective and endorsed verification that our actions have a real and positive impact on nature and our environment. This data is certified by the German auditing company Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and we have the prestigious EPD certification since 2011.
  • Bet on biodiversity in the olive grove: agreements with SeoBirdlife for the recovery of birds (installation of nests, shelters, power lines …) and bet on livestock in the olive grove (sheep, horses …)
  • Numeroucertifications that verify the achievement of our environmental commitment
  • Use of renewable energies: Three photovoltaic power plants of 100 Kw each for self-supply of electricity to the farm + Development of Precision Agriculture

This is the list of our Food of Spain Awards:

Food Award of Spain for Organic Production (2018)

Food of Spain Award for the Best Intense Fruity Green Oil of Spain (2016)

Food of Spain Award to the “Food Internationalization” (2013)

Food Award of Spain for the “Best Agricultural Explotation” (2009)

Thank you very much for your support!


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