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Maximum score in the Italian guide Flos Olei 2019!

One more year we are still leading the most prestigious extra virgin olive oil guide in the world!

TARJETÓN_FLOS_OLEI_2019_02-02Our Family Reserve extra Picual virgin olive oil has achieved the highest score in the Flos Olei guide (99/99). With this new recognition we headed the guide for the seventh time with the highest score and with 3 different references (Family Reserve Picual, Early Royal, Picual Biodynamic), demostrating in a totally objective way the excellence of our olive juices.

2019 –  Family Reserve Picual max score (99/99)

2018 –  Family Reserve Picual max score (99/99) + “The Best World Olive Oil

2017 – Biodynamic Picual, maximum score (98/98)

2016 –  Family Reserve Picual max score (98/98) + Castillo de Canena proclaimed as “The Best Olive Oil Company in the World

2015 – Family Reserve Picual max score (98/98)

2014 – Early Royal, max score (98/98) + “The Best fruity EVOO in the World”

2012 – Early Royal, max score (97/97)

2010 – Family Reserve Picual, “The Best Fruity Monovarietal in the World”

2009 – Early Royal, “The Best Monovarietal Medium Fruity of the World”

As you already know, the FLOS OLEI guide from the Italian Marco Oreggia is the guide with the highest international recognition. Oreggia analyzes more than 1,000 extra virgin olive oils around the world and only oils with more than 80 points are included in the guide. Castillo de Canena has been present in it in all its editions!

We are very proud! Thanks a lot for your support!


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