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Harissa Olive Oil


It is a red / orange and transparent oil. Organoleptic profile that adapts perfectly to the nose and mouth, but with the surprising natural image of the latter.

It presents in the foreground roasted and pungent aromas of cayenne, followed by spices, where each one of them, garlic, coriander and caraway, are perfectly identified in the aftertaste, in a balanced and intensified combination with the fruity and green aromas of the juice of the Arbequina fresh olive.

Also highlights its fluidity and a bitter and spicy in perfect harmony with the own spicy provided by the blend.

Type of olive Arbequina
Quality Olive Oil
Harvest Period October & November 2019
Harvest Method Mechanical and refrigerated transport in small containers
Extraction/Method Cold extraction, biphasic system to guarantee the best sanitary and quality conditions. Maximum 3 hours from harvest till malaxation. 20 ºC. No added water
Storage Steel tanks, refrigerated and with controlled atmosphere
Color Red
Acidity 0.11
Storage suggestions Keep bottle in a cool place, away fromheat and light


Barbecues, salads, pizza, ribs, chicken wings, sandwiches, chips, corn & hamburgers.


Bottle of 250ml, with a sleeve or label that surrounds it completely, creating a drawing that reminds the tiles of the Arab world in red and orange, evoking also the pigmentation of the oil and the Harissa



Product Content bottles / case cases / layer cases / palet layers Layer high case ( cm) Case weight Palet weigth
Harissa olive oil 250ml 6 40 200 5 25 cm 18.5x12x25 3,25 kg 650 Kg