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Mexican and Colombian recipes with Pulaa accessories

We have prepared some super easy Latin recipes with olive oil that will surprise you, we hope you like them!


Specifically they are Mexican and Colombian recipes that we have developed together with Pulaa accessories. This brand is fighting for the development of different Mexican and Colombian indigenous communities through nice and fashionable handbags and other craft accesoriess made by these communities.

Here you have the recipes! Hope you like them!


recipe_receta_salad_mexican_colombian_easyPULAA is a brand of handmade and ethnic accessories which aims to promote crafts as a luxury. They offer original and unique handcrafts from Colombia and Mexico, while contributing to the development of these communities. The brand has developed three lines of accessories:

  • Wayuu handbags (La Guajira, Colombia). They are handbags made of resistant and colorful thread. They are craft made by an indigenous cooperative in Maicao, a small town in the border between Colombia and Venezuela.
  • Oaxaca handbags (Mexico). Traditionally, these bags have been used to buy fresh products in the local market. Now, Pulaa has adapted the design more fashionable with leather handles and with pockets inside to give them a complete urban use. These handbags are made by local artisans in Oaxaca, with the help of prison inmates of Ixcotel.
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