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Оливковое масло XXI века


It has aroma of apple and almond, with a warm touch of caramel, vanilla and toffee.

Type of olive 100% Arbequina
Quality Olive Oil
Harvest Period October & November 2019
Harvest Method Mechanical, vibration with umbrella
ExtractionMethod Maximum4 hours frompicking. Centrifuge,
Pieralisi GeniusIII. 21º. No additional water
Storage Stainlesssteel with nitrogen atmosphere
Color Green with golden accents
Acidity 0.1
Storage suggestions Keep bottle in a cool place, away fromheat and light


It is ideal oil to drizzle over all kinds of meat and fish, salads and for sauces.


XXIS Century Oils” (Aceites del siglo XXI, in Spanish) is a line that seeks to bring new features and fresh concepts to a category of products with over 3000 years of history. It unveils an entire sensorial experience for the palate, the opportunity to taste and enjoy innovative olive oils that will surprise you with their uniqueness and distinction, as well as their compliance with the utmost quality standards.

THIRD – ARBEQUINA COLD SMOKED is a olive oil cold-infused with oak and other organic Wood smoke. The oil maintains all its essence and quality, preventing alterations in its properties without losing its flavour.


Bottle of 250 ML, could include a booklet that explains the technical and agricultural production process behind the project and offers a series of combinations and international recipes. Packaging recalls memories of the childhood through a naïve packaging. Blue dreamlike with sweet typography & the drawing of a castle, an olive tree and a child, all these components let us travel to our childhood.


Product Content Bottles per box Cases per pallet Layers per pallet Layers High Pallet dimensions
ARBEQUINO COLD SMOKED 250ml 12 40 4 32cm 31,5 x 19 x 13