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Tomorrow starts the OBON festival in Japan, and what better way to start it than preparing a sushi recipe with butterfish, caviar Paris and our delicious Arbequina&World Asia!!

OBON is one of the most important festivals of Japanese traditions. Although there are several celebration dates, it is generally held in mid-August, between the 13th and 15th, making it the great summer festival. It is a celebration full of magic, nostalgia and family atmosphere, as the reason for this is to pay tribute to the deceased. Very popular rituals such as the Bon Odori dance and the floating lantern ceremony called Tōrō Nagashi are performed.

We want to pay tribute to this great festivity, recommending a very special recipe made with Arbequina&World Asia and Caviar Paris 1925.

Arbequina&World is an historic homage to the intimate relationship between Spain and the new Spice Route that united Asia, America and Europe by way of Manila Galleons that made the round-trip voyage between Manila and Acapulco every year for 250 years. From the American ports the Spanish ships bore precious spices from Asia and the New World to the Iberian Peninsula, whence they were distributed throughout the countries of Europe. Spices helped enrich traditional culinary rituals by mixing with local tastes. They served as seasonings and condiments, and over time they adapted to the gastronomy of each country.

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