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  • Aquanaria Seabass
  • 3kg of coarse salt (for a 2kg seabass for 5-6 people)
  • Star aniseed spice jar
  • Fennel seed spice jar
  • 1 egg
  • Fresh dill
  • Baby potatoes for cooking or already cooked peeled
  • Patatitas baby para cocer o ya cocidas peladas
  • Chives
  • First Day of Harvest Arbequina Castillo de Canena EVOO
  • Arbequino Oil delicately smoked/ Harissa Olive Oil/ Plankton Olive Oil



We have done something different, which has two advantages:

1- Giving Aquanaria sea bass a wonderful taste

2- Great smell in your house


To add to the coarse salt, star aniseed and fennel seeds, one whipped egg white and a little bit of water.

We cover the sea bass with the salt mixture and put it in the oven. It is important not to forget to put a layer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the tray so that the salt does not stick.

The sea bass will be in its point as soon as it smells, the time will depend on each oven.

As a side, we will cook some fennel bulbs and some small potatoes.

Regarding the sauces, we can serve the sea bass directly finished with any of our EVOOS, and depending on the one chosen, the result will be totally different. We have many options, we can directly finish it with our Arbequino Oil delicately smoked if we want a smoky touch, with Harissa Olive Oil if we prefer a spicier touch or with Plankton Olive Oil, in case we want to highlight its fish notes.

We propose another more sophisticated option to surprise your guests which is the subject of this recipe. It is a fresh dill and EVOO First Day Harvest Arbequina sauce. Leave both ingredients to macerate for 5 hours to enhance its flavors.

Once it is ready, we will use this sauce to put it over the sea bass and potatoes slightly.

However, we recommend not to abuse with it so that the taste of Aquanaria’s sea bass is not masked.  The sauce that is left can be used in pasta, salad…

When serving and as a final touch, we put a bit of chopped chives on top because it gives it a touch of color.

Besides being a very tasty and simple recipe… you can leave it prepared in advance!

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