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April Rains and Next Flowering

28 April 2020

Thanks to the recent beneficial rains, that are taking place in April, and the low temperatures, the different tracts and sections of our estate are following the vegetative development. Our professionals are analysing and verifying the olive grove' s phenological stage and controlling daily the vegetal development progress. Mild temperatures and the appropriate moisture in the soil make an... Read more

International Food Standard (IFS)

12 February 2020

YEAR THE IFS STANDARD WAS INTRODUCED: 2003 SCOPE: ‘Packaging of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Arbequina Oil smoked with oak wood, Arbequina Oil with essential oils, Arbequina Oil Infused with spices, Arbequina Oil with plankton in glass bottles, Virgin Olive Oil Extra and Extra Virgin Olive Oil packaged in plastic containers or aluminium cans.’ OUTLINE AND GOALS OF THE STANDARD: The... Read more

Do you know how our olive grove was during this year?

11 November 2019

For those of you who are not lucky enough to enjoy our olive grove throughout the year ... today we move you there! We will go through the year ...   Flowering on our plantation began in early May. It was abundant and proper, so this year we had a Harvest in syntony with previous years. Temperatures have been quite high during spring & summer, toghether with not many... Read more

Our olive trees now at the Doñana National Park

06 August 2019

Trebujena, in the province of Cadiz, and the Doñana National Park, have welcomed 100 centenary olive trees from Castillo de Canena that come to enrich its long list of natural heritage. Olive groves have been cultivated in Trebujena since at least the fifteenth century. Now, after a very intense month of work, Castillo de Canena and Martinete del Guadalquivir have managed to make an old dream... Read more

Our Mediterranean Triad

11 June 2019

Faced with an increasingly wounded Planet, we will not tire of reminding you of the importance of preserving the Rural Landscape, the result of the interrelation of Climate, Relief, Soil, Fauna and Flora of a given property, betting on a Responsible and Sustainable Agriculture. We also contribute to the creation of a Mediterranean Landscape. More than 2500 years ago, the so-called... Read more