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Know a little more our Biodynamic Picual EVOO

01 February 2016

Our Biodynamic Picual extra virgin olive oil is the result of an agriculture based on the overall balance of the ground, trees, animals and Man. It owns the DEMETER certification that guarantees correct compliance with ALL of the BIODYNAMIC agricultural processes. It is a fresh, lively and expressive oil stands out for its vegetables to herbs and vegetables notes. (Do you want to... Read more

Winter in our land

21 January 2016

On this winter day... We want to say hello from our land!!  January... Read more

Paris Climate Conference & Our commitment to the environment

08 January 2016

As you know, in December 2015 was held the Paris Climate Conference (cop21), where governments around the world gathered to try to mitigate the negative effects of Climate Change. During the event was achieved a global agreement that aims to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and limit the rise in global temperature. Rainbow in the field In Castillo de Canena we maintain a commitment to... Read more

A preview of our early harvest!

21 October 2015

We want to share with you one of the most special moments that we live in Castillo de Canena ... We're in the middle of the harvest!! As you know, in Castillo de Canena we take care of the whole process of elaboration of our EVOO, from the selection of the best olives, until its milling, to get  our highest quality extra virgin olive oils. But it all started several months ago,because we... Read more

Carbolivar project at the “Ecology at the interface” Conference

07 October 2015

A few days ago the "Ecology at the inteface" conference was held in Rome, , it focuses on the interactions of all biological levels, and aims to present the most advanced achievements of ecological research. Castillo de Canena has been involved with the project Carbolivar where we presented results we obtained from measurements of CO2 and water that we are implementing with the towers... Read more