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EXTRAGOLD by Biolnovello for the 2nd year

21 December 2016

Our Biodynamic Picual extra virgin olive oil Castillo de Canena is awarded with the EXTRAGOLD medal in the Italian competition Biolnovello, as in the previous edition 2015. Biolnovello is the previous competition before BIOL, where last year we were awarded also with the first prize, being the first Biodynamic EVOO which received this recognition!! Once again, thank you for your support!... Read more

2016 Castillo de Canena Awards

01 December 2016

                              Check out this link and see all the prizes that our extra virgin olive oils Castillo de Canena have obtained throughout their entire... Read more

Maximum score by the German Magazine Süddeutsche Zeitung!

20 October 2016

Our EVOO awarded with the maximum score by the EVOO expert Michaela Bogner in the prestigious German journal Süddeutsche Zeitung. Bogner analizes 8 olive oils available in the German market and awards ours with the maximum score (10/10)!! This recognition, joins to the one that we received from the DER FEINSCHMECKER magazine (also from Germany). Der Feinschmecker publishes a guide to... Read more

Organic EVOO Biodynamic Picual, max score Flos Olei 2017

13 October 2016

Once again...maximum score by the international guide Flos Olei!! This time, it's our organic extra virgin olive oil Biodynamic Picual awarded with the maximum score by the guide (98/98). It's the 5th time that our oils are awarded with the max score and with 3 of our oils (Family Reserve Picual; Early Royal; Picual Biodynamic). It shows up the excellence of our extra virgin olive oils in a... Read more

Reserve Familiale Picual, première HOVE espagnole Coq d’Or (France)

12 September 2016

Aujourd'hui, le 12 Septembre, les nouveaux Coq D'Or 2017 seront présentes à Paris. Comme anciens vainqueurs de cette reconnaissance, c'est un grand honneur d'être invité dans chaque édition à leur grande fête gourmande. Comme vous le savez, notre HOVE Reserve Familiale Picual était la première huile d'olive extra vierge espagnole vainqueur de ce prestigieux prix à France, le... Read more