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Our EVOO, Highest Score by Evooleum!

12 April 2016

Still celebrating! Our EVOOs, first and third position in EVOOLEUM, competition of extra virgin olive oils!! On this occasion, our Family Reserve Picual (max score by FLOS OLEI 2016 as well) is placed in the first position of the ranking &  Early Royal EVOO in the third!!! In addition, to get the highest score, our Family Reserve Picual won the following special prizes in "The... Read more

Our EVOO “Best Speciality” by Gourmets!

06 April 2016

We are at the 30th Gourmets Salon, where we just received the Gourmets magazine award   where our extra virgin olive oils were selected by consumers as "Best Speciality". Here are some pictures of this day: Here all the winners of the 2016 edition: Best Restaurant- (Ex aequo) Arzak Coque DSTAGE Best chef-  Diego Guerrero (DSTAGE) Best maître-  Jorge Dávila... Read more

Picual Biodynamic, the first EVOO with Demeter Certification awarded by BIOL!!

28 March 2016

It is the first time in history that a Demeter certified Biodynamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is awarded by the prestigious BIOL "Excellence in this competition confirms how the ecological and biodynamic agriculture is essential not only from an environmental and ethical perspective but also to improve product quality," said the coordinator Biol, Nino Paparella.   "The draw in first... Read more

One more time our Biodynamic EVOO wins the Ecotrama Gold Medal!

07 March 2016

One more time since the first time we launched our extra virgin olive oil Biodynamic, we won the Ecotrama gold medal again! We are very proud, especially because it is a contest that has appreciated the quality and taste of our ecological extra virgin olive oil from the first time we presented it 3 years ago! You can see here our previous awards in this prestigious competition: Ecotrama... Read more

Our EVOOs among the 10 best oils of Spain by Iberoleum Guide!

03 March 2016

Two of our extra virgin olive oils are among the best EVOOs top 10 of Spain  selected by the Iberoleum Guide! Our Biodynamic reached a score of 96.32 and 93.68 for our Family Reserve Picual. We are very happy with the results of our last campaign. Thanks a lot for your support! March... Read more