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Design your experience

We are happy to immerse you in the world of our AOVEs.

At Castillo de Canena we are committed to spreading the culture of olive oil and everything that surrounds it, for this, our house remains in a constant open door policy. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than the task of bringing the field and olive life to all our customers and friends.

To our customers, both individuals and corporate, we offer the possibility of designing their own experience, from a classical music concert followed by a gastronomic experience in our castle, a walk among olive trees with lunch on the banks of the Guadiana Menor River, a tasting of our oils, to live your own harvest with your family or friends.

Live a unique experience

with Canena Castle

Living the olive grove

In order to immerse our customers, both for individuals and companies, in the life of our olive grove, we can design multiple experiences, from a walk through the olive grove accompanied by a meal among olive trees to experiencing first hand the harvesting and subsequent crushing of the olives.
Recorrido interior

EVOO and Renaissance

Exclusively for our clients, individuals and companies, we can design experiences that have our AOVEs and our 16th century castle as protagonists. In this case and for logistic reasons, the groups will be of a minimum of ten people.
Experiencia culinaria

Gastronomic experiences

Introduction to the world of EVOOs through gastronomy, both for clients and companies. From tasting courses to gastronomic menus with EVOO as the protagonist.
Fondo de olivos
experiencias canena