Castillo de Canena

Research, development and innovation

Our present and our future

At Castillo de Canena we are committed to continuous innovation, both in our processes and in our products. We look to the future with all the experience of our inherited tradition and we are committed to innovation as a tool of differentiation to define both our present and our future.

The active listening to our consumers, the permanent openness to all new technological solutions, both in agronomic, industrial and management matters; the close contact with universities and research centers, both public and private, national and international, are the resources on which we rely to develop our innovative spirit.

Some ongoing innovation projects

Proyecto Evoolution

Evoolution project

EVOOlution is a technological project, unique in the world, whose objective is the monitoring and selection of the olives valid to pass to the oil mill, based on artificial vision. By classifying each olive, one by one, by maturity index and by the possible presence of defects, we guarantee the maximum quality of our oils. Thanks to the technology, up to 25 tons of olives can be visually analyzed every hour (12.5 million olives).


Biferoliva R&D Project

The BIFEROLIVA project is based on creating olive grove fertilization strategies from the circular economy. The objective is to develop a new generation of 100% natural fertilizers, enriched from by-products derived from olive oil production (basically pruning residues but also olive pomace) and to determine their beneficial nutritional action from an agronomic point of view on the trees, but also their effects on the final quality of olive oils.

Proyecto olivares vivos

Life Living Olive Groves Project

Our Cortijo Guadiana farm participates in the Life Olivares Vivos Project, which aims to improve the environmental situation of olive groves and recover their biodiversity. Within the framework of this project, two floating bioislands have been installed in our irrigation pond, to house different species of birds and generate habitats conducive to nesting and breeding of offspring.


Terracqua Project

TERRAACQUA is an R&D project whose main objective is to obtain olives with a high concentration of potentially healthy compounds (antioxidants and anticarcinogenic) for the subsequent production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a high added value and its relationship with the physiological behavior of the trees. In order to obtain these oils, the cultivation is approached from an integral point of view, studying the physical-chemical properties of the olive tree and its relationship with the physiological behavior, using the latest technologies in the field of agronomy.

Proyecto Terracqua

TERRAACQUA es un proyecto de I+D, que tiene como objetivo principal obtener aceitunas con una alta concentración de compuestos potencialmente saludables (antioxidantes y anticancerígenos) de cara a la posterior elaboración de Aceite de Oliva Vrgen Extra de un alto valor añadido y su relación con el comportamiento fisiológico de los árboles. Para la obtención de estos aceites se aborda el cultivo desde un punto de vista integral, estudiando las propiedades físico-químicas del olivo y su relación con el comportamiento fisiológico, utilizando para ello, las más novedosas tecnologías en el terreno de la agronomía.