Sostenibilidad demostrada

Our commitment to the land

is part of our DNA

As farmers and harvesters, we feel the need to take care of our trees and the ecosystem in which they grow. Committed to our countryside, we practice regenerative agriculture to take care of the health of our soils and thus guarantee their future.

At Castillo de Canena we take care of the natural cycle of the tree, combining traditional wisdom with the most advanced technology and scrupulous respect for the environment. All the olive trees are adapted to favor mechanized harvesting, have installed the drip ferti-irrigation system and are certified as “Integrated Production” (A.P.I.), which guarantees respectful practices towards the natural environment and a rational cultivation system.

But our commitment goes beyond a declaration of intentions, that is why our practices are endorsed by the most prestigious national and international certifications, which we maintain undergoing continuous external audits.


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Let's create a world built on the past

respect for the environment, innovation and excellence.
castillo de canena sostenible

As a result of this conviction, our oils are the result of the implementation of technologies and agronomic practices that contribute to sustainable development, our commitment to innovation and excellence in the entire production process, only in this way can we achieve the highest quality standards in our gourmet EVOOs.

The electric energy necessary for the operation of the estate is obtained from photovoltaic plants, the pruning remains are collected to be used as biomass and there are several water stress control stations for the trees in order to optimize the water used for irrigation.