Sustainability and certifications


Our commitment to the land

is part of our DNA

We are farmers and harvesters, so we feel the need to take care of our trees and the ecosystem in which they are nestled.

At Castillo de Canena we take care of the natural cycle of the tree, combining traditional wisdom with the most advanced technology and scrupulous respect for the environment. All the olive trees are fully mechanised, have a drip fertigation system installed and are certified as “Integrated Production” (A.P.I.), which guarantees respectful practices towards the natural environment and a rational cultivation system.


Guarantees that our oils have been produced in accordance with the principles of biodynamic agriculture

Carbon footprint

Environmental indicator that measures greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organisation, event or product.

Organic certification (CAAE)

Guarantees that our method of agricultural production and processing is environmentally friendly

INBILA certificate

We have obtained a level of well-being at work that is above the average for Spanish companies, according to the National Index of Well-being at Work.

BRC Food

Guarantees that safety protocols have been followed during the manufacturing process of our products.

Water footprint

Environmental indicator that measures the total volume of freshwater used to produce goods and services consumed.

SGE 21:2017

Certifies that our company operates an ethical and socially responsible management system

Quality system certification: ISO 9001ES

Quality management system applied to the processes of our organisation that has an impact on quality and emphasises continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

JAS Organic Production Japan

Regulations applied to farmers, producers and industries processing, packaging or labelling products exported to Japan.

Innovative SME

Seal awarded by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness for our commitment to R&D&I.

International Food Standard

food safety and quality standard for private label products.

Integrated Production

Regulated by Royal Decree 1201/2002, it ensures sustainable agriculture in the long term

SMEs for the SDGs

Seal awarded by the Fair Trade organisation COPADE for our contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.

We believe in a future built on the past

respect for the environment and research.

As a result of this conviction, our oils are the result of the implementation of technologies and agronomic practices that contribute to sustainable development, our commitment to innovation and excellence throughout the production process.

The electricity needed to run the farm is obtained from photovoltaic plants, pruning waste is collected for use as biomass and there are several water stress monitoring stations for the trees to optimise the water used.