We start using recyclable and biodegradable pallets !!

recycable biopallets

We are pleased to inform you that we have started to use fully recyclable and ecological pallets.  If they are six months outdoor without caring, they will become topsoil!! The use of these pallets will help us to reduce our carbon footprint ūüôā


They are manufactured by the company from Jaén BIOPALET with which we have been working for months to test their prototypes.

Other advantages include that is made of a biodegradable material, weighs 30 kg less than a wooden pallet, has no points or chips and has great resistance!

Among other measures of our commitment to the environment, we have a compost production plant that reuses our own olive waste and residue. Additionally, since 2007 we have three photovoltaic energy plants of 100 Kw each to supply our own electricity for the estate. Lastly, there are nine precision farming weather stations to monitor the variations in tree trunk diameter, climate and soil conditions, and area humidity in order to maximise the water resources available to water our trees.

May 2015